Synergy Ensemble Theatre Company

Casting Call

Synergy Ensemble Theatre Company will hold auditions for That Championship Season 

by Jason Miller on August 11 and 12, with callbacks on August 13. Director is Gene Durney.

Performances will be in Islip on October 17–19 and 24–26; rehearsals will be held in Deer Park starting after Labor Day. Auditions location is the Deer Park Administration Building,

1881 Deer Park Ave., Deer Park (entrance is on Lake Avenue). For directions and questions, contact


A synopsis of the play, which won the Pulitzer Prize and the Drama Desk Award, and a character breakdown follow:



It is 1972. Four men meet once again in a western Pennsylvania town to celebrate the triumph that they shared 20 years earlier when they won the Pennsylvania State High School Championship.

Gathering in the home of their “beloved” coach, they will embark on an alcohol-fueled journey to a past that seemed ideal but that no longer exists, if it ever did. They exhibit bias and intolerance that was a natural and seemingly normal way of thinking in the early 1950s. These traits were further inculcated and reinforced by the Coach, a mentor and guide to them as young men, who has maintained this position in their minds and hearts. All seem oblivious to the tectonic shifts in attitude and thinking that have occurred since that Championship Season of long ago; Viet Nam, the Civil Rights Movement, the turmoil and change undergone by the rest of America since their glorious high school triumph have not affected their thinking or changed their attitude one bit it seems. But more than this, the hollowness and emptiness of their own lives and their inability to question long-held “truths” and “traditions” have led them to a revelatory evening filled with remorse, betrayal and self-recognized hypocrisy that they will no longer be able to ignore.



(Coach is in his 60s. All other characters are in their late 30s.)

Coach: A crusty, self-assured manipulator, he sees himself as a hard-assed “molder of men.”

George: The mayor of the town, he is possessed of an ego that makes him incapable of recognizing the reality of his own tenuous situation. The fact that he is none too bright doesn’t help matters.

James: A middle-school principal who has come to the realization that playing by the rules and being the “responsible” brother and family man has gotten him nowhere… a condition that he plans to change.

Phil: The rich man of the group, he has flaunted his wealth and influence to control others in order to protect what he has and to get more.

Tom: The brother of James, he is an alcoholic who has stayed away from the reunion for three years and suddenly returned. He acts the part of a cynical but often comical Greek Chorus.

Martin: The missing member of the team who disappeared right after the Championship Season — never seen but much talked about.

Auditions location

Deer Park Administration Building, 

1881 Deer Park Ave., Deer Park

(entrance is on Lake Avenue). 

For directions and questions, contact


August  11 & 12

The Championship Season